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4X More Powerful Than a "Chicken & Fish" Diet!

Many people concerned about their hearts follow what might be called the "chicken and fish" diet. It allows only the leanest cuts of beef and encourages poultry and fish.

Sounds pretty good, but when scientifically examined, such diets typically produce a drop in cholesterol of a mere 5%.

What's more, most people following such a diet have no measurable improvement within their arteries. In fact, on average, their artery blockages get worse as time goes by.

Compared to that puny 5% cholesterol drop on chicken and fish, tests have shown that the diet described in Reverse Diabetes Now! typically lets people achieve a 20-40% reduction in "bad" cholesterol! Click here to learn more!

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Put high blood sugar "down for the count" with delicious diabetes-reversing dishes.

Dr. Barnard reached that conclusion after interviewing many people eating different kinds of diets. Partly because it's not a "diet," but a new way of thinking about and enjoying food...

You Will Never Go Hungry!

You'll never tease yourself with miniscule portions of foods you love. In their research, Dr. Barnard's group actually tests for hunger levels, and they've "consistently found this diet leaves people satisfied."

Not just satisfied, but "licking their lips." When interviewed after following his diet or the American Diabetes Association's diet, participants preferred Dr. Barnard's diet 2 to 1!

Dr. Barnard's
Health-Rescuing Recipes include:

Oatmeal Drop Scones

And Many More!!

Indonesian Style Stir-Fried Pasta
Tender Barley Corn Bread
Italian-Style Slow-Cooked Stew
Wheat Berry Pancakes
Savory Eggplant Parmesan
Vietnamese Vegetable Soup
Panini Italian Grilled Sandwiches
Creamy Mushroom Bisque
Low-Fat Pesto
Swedish Apple Crumb Pudding
Savory Dinner Loaf
General Tso's Stir Fry
Barley Winter Squash Chowder
Berry Mousse
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Declare victory over diabetes
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