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“So when large
amounts of fat
enter our diets,
our bodies look at
it as a wonderful "bonanza"— and immediately begin
to save it for future hard times.”





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…to controlling and reversing the course of diabetes. If you are overweight, slimming down is the single strongest predictor of a healthy drop in a key blood sugar test. That's the test that reveals your average blood sugar level over the last 3 months. Every pound you lose with Reverse Diabetes Now! is a step toward better health. Click here to get started.

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Ramp Up Weight Loss With "Secret" Info!

Look at these two numbers on the nutrition label of any prepared food you buy, compare them, and know instantly if it's a weight loss booster.

One of them is a number you've probably never even noticed before.

It's not just calories or fat, according to this new research, but a special factor that causes you to eat less.

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The wrong foods actually make your body store fat. Here's how to make your cells burn fat.

It seems, Dr. Barnard explains, that our bodies were basically designed ages ago, when the food supply was not only skimpy, but undependable. So when large amounts of fat enter our diets, our bodies look at it as a wonderful "bonanza"-and immediately begin to save it for future hard times.

That was a great idea ages ago. But with our abundant modern diets, this "blessing" can become a virtual "curse!"

People with type 2 diabetes seem to have a hereditary tendency toward this problem, the ultimate trigger is the wrong diet! At one medical research center, healthy young men were put on a diet not greatly different from the one many people eat today. In just three days they'd already accumulated more fat inside their cells. And their fat-burning genes were becoming partially disabled—that fast!

lose weight feel greatIn stark contrast, researchers at the Imperial College School of Medicine in London discovered that people eating a diet very similar to Dr. Barnard's food plan had 30% LESS fat inside their cells! This could be you! Click here.

Compared to other people—of similar age, and build— they were much more likely to have fully operational, full-blast fat furnaces. Not because of heredity or exercise, but DIET.

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16 Pounds Gone In 12 Weeks!

In a pilot study conducted by researchers developing the Reverse Diabetes Now! plan, volunteers lost an average 16 pounds in 12 weeks. That dramatic result was achieved with no limits on calories, portions, or carbohydrates!

Nor were the participants made to increase their usual exercise habits, whatever they were. Amazed? Click here to learn more.

In another study, followers of the new diet lost 13 pounds in 14 weeks, while a paired group following a "healthy" diet (low in red meats, high in vegetables), lost just 8 pounds. The new approach produced…

62% More Fat Loss!

Helping this greater fat "combustion" was the fact-measured in lab tests-that those on the new diet had a 16% rise in their after-meal calorie burning rate. Their metabolism was "cranked up" within minutes of eating!

Declare victory over diabetes
with this amazing eating plan!

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