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Anyone whose weight has been "creeping up," or who has high blood sugar or outright diabetes, knows how important it is to manage these serious conditions.

Drugs or insulin injections may well be part of the management plan. But now, a leading physician has gone well beyond the idea of just "managing" diabetes and weight gain.

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Neal Barnard, M.D., has spent years testing, refining, and proving that his nutrition program will…
Melt away excess pounds that may have resisted "dieting" for years
Attack the root causes of diabetes by "re-setting" your innermost metabolism towards health
Lower, even normalize high blood sugar
In many cases, reduce or eliminate the need for drugs!

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Even when diabetes is "managed" by patient and doctor working together, too often the condition worsens over time. Complications arise. Heart disease, vision loss, pain-ridden nerves, even the danger of losing a limb, are just some of them.

In actual tests, the nutrition program described in Reverse Diabetes Now, has proven 3 Times More Effective Than the "Official" Diabetes Diet!

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